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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago


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PneuVibe Club™ Vibration System

The PneuVibe Club, with a load limit of 400 lbs., a frequency of 10-60 hertz, adds a myriad of vibration benefits to your patient's care.  Easy step up and handlebars to help steady clients.

 Highest Quality in the Industry

  • 32 x 18 platform
  • Handlebars to steady client
  • Easy On/Off control
  • 1-6 mm amplitude
  • 10-60 Hz
  • Hi-Lo Amplitude plus mechanical override

Key Benefits

Available without handlebars

  • Increase in resting metabolic rate
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved balance
  • Improve muscle strength and performance
  • Increase flexibility and range of m
  • Enhance critical blood flow


Dimensions Capacity Weight Speed
32" x 18" 400lbs 140lbs. 10-60 MHz

Platform Vibration

Order # VB-C                                                      Patent 7530960 B2

Assembly Manual Testimonials
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“Vibration is the most exciting tool I have found in 25 years.  They are in use all day for everything from massage and joint stabilization to training and strengthening for athletes.”           Don Gale PT

“An old knee injury came back to haunt me. I couldn't go up or down stairs without pain.  By rotating my knee on the ClubVibe once a day for two weeks I was able to walk down stairs without pain.”        T Lynn 60