Unweighting or partial weight bearing therapy is a method of supporting the body to facilitate walking and other therapeutic activities while in a functional, upright position; improving balance and posture.  The Pneumex Unweighting Systems allows patients to be in a safe and secure environment for both client and practitioner. 
Whole Body Vibrational benefits include enhanced metabolism, increased bone mineral density, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, elevation of human growth hormone levels, and improved lymphatic flow.  Pneumex Vibration is the highest quality in the industry. 

Single PneuWeight                                     Double PneuWeight

Used separately or together the Pneumex PneuMAP posture analyzer and PneuBack Chair are part of the PneuBack Program that is designed to break the pain cycle, strengthen backs, and correct the original cause of the problem.
Our patented PneuVest Ultima is a totally new concept in unweighting.  It is designed to comfortably support the patient during unweighting. 
The PneuGait Foot Strap provides the ability to dynamically correct gait.  The PneuGait Assist Strap provides assistance in moving the foot forward while walking unweighted on a treadmill or with the PneuWalker over ground.

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The Pneumex Smart Bar a side-specific, unilateral unweighting c able assembly is a new design in unweighting technology.