PneuVibe Table™    VibroTrac™

The operating principle of the VibroTrac Table is to employ vibration to evoke specific desired systemic responses (neurological and circulatory) and to utilize quadrant independent intermittent traction to evoke predictable physiological responses.  The VibroTrac Table allows for longitudinal traction on the spine, with an emphasis on “unwinding” the spine using opposite lateral flexion to achieve de‐rotation of vertebra.
Specific protocols for acute/chronic, herniations, sciatica and radiculopathy allow for effective treatment of major back issues while the vibration increases blood flow and creates relaxation of the entire body.


How it works

What it is used for:

  • Cervical, multi-level thoracic and lumbar traction
  • High to Low Intermittent  traction table
  • Traction force  independently  adjustable: 
      Right to Left 
      Head to Foot
  • Adjustable table height
  • Easy to use central  control
  • Multiple traction force options
  • Specific protocols for acute/chronic, herniations,  sciatica and radiculopathy
  • Adjustable amplitude  and frequency
  • Specially designed Pelvic Belt that allows for
    anterior,  medial, and  posterior force 
           Pneu-Vibe Table™  
                    Dim                Capacity        Weight          Speed
    28x78x18-44”      400 lbs           355 lbs           10- 60 MHz       
 Adjustable Table height 18-44"                   


 VibroTrac Table  can use Quadrant specific Therapy