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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago


Unweighting Range

Because of the design of analog gauges we can pick a gauge from a 0 to 30 psi up to a 0 to 150 psi to monitor our system.  Each has its own good points. 

  • 0 to 30 psi gauge would monitor up to 60 pounds but would only be accurate and easy to read in the under 60 pound range. 
  • 0 to 100 psi gauge would monitor up to 200 pounds.  It is accurate and easy to read up to 200 pounds.
  • 0 to 150 psi gauge would let us monitor up to 300 pounds but is much less precise and harder to read in any range.

 The gauge we have chosen to use for unweighting was selected to be user friendly.  The range of weight that is normally taken off the average individual is one third to one half their body weight, approximately 40 – 150 pounds.  We therefore want to monitor this range with the highest degree of accuracy 

 That being said the PneuWeight™ is still capable of lifting 300 pounds and safety tested to 1200 pounds.  The 0-100 psi gauge lets us monitor up to 200 pounds, still allowing us more than the 200 unmonitored to help lift a patient upright.  Once the patient is on their feet and we have the lift we are looking for, the monitor is dialed back to the desired weight bearing load, significantly under 200 pounds.