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Pneumex is the original developer of Pneumatic Unweighting.  The first PneuWeight was built for the Seattle Supersonics  25 years ago



---New study on efficacy of PneuBack Program---

PneuWalker™ Unweighting System T

  • Therapists can lift and train patients without the help of additional staff.
  • Swing arm feature allows for easy patient transfer from chair, bed or wheelchair.
  • Reducing the risk and fear of falling inspires confidence in patients and therapists, encouraging them to work on new skills and take therapy to the next level.
  • Designed for use over-ground or over-treadmill and is simple to adjust between patients to go through doorways or over bariatric wheelchairs.
  • Accommodates pediatric and adult patients and lifts from 0-300lbs. PneuWalker Maximum lift 300 pounds Pneumex recommends a maximum patient weight 400 pounds
  • The only system on the market designed to unweight unilaterally to address hematologic conditions associated with stroke, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions.